How Alchemy and Harmony's work?

Regarding Alchemy, what is written in the codec is

maybe it can be interpreted that HP and MP are 1, like bloodmagic there is only HP, but Alchemy is 2 in 1 can this resource system work with mythic harmony (head) ? to maximize the regeneration process coupled with green affix “equality”?

I’m asking because I don’t want to waste crystals and mythstones , I just made a rouge gun with a charger reap type seems to fail, I only have 11k HP and 1k Power with mediocre regeneration

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change epic hp affix to ricochet that would be much better for damage since hp doesn’t have a lot of uses when using Flintlock build, and try to change Plagued to Druidic. Sorry I don’t have A lot of knowledge About Alchemy and Harmony maybe @Golem can help.


@anon91429674 thanks for suggest
But in my build i have 3x richo 1x timewarp
I ask for Alchemy and Harmony how it work

I need HP bcoz passif from cerebral vortex user


Yeah, alchemy is HP and MP into one. 2 in 1.
HP and MP are used as a resource.
You might be able to deal +50% to 99% more damage when you spend both HP and MP to cast spells.
Harmony healing is like alchemy to a smaller extent.


if you use Equality Set with this Build, your Health and Mana on the Stat Page need to be the same, 1000 Health / 1000 Mana. the bigger the difference between Health and Mana on the Stat Page, the lower your Damage & Regeneration % goes. your current Health and Mana do not affect the Damage & Regeneration %. so if you take damage or cast spells, which lower your HP & MP, it wont affect Equality Set. Equalilty (3) would give your +22.5% damage and regen with HP/MP 1000/1000. if you have HP/MP 1000/900, you would have +20.25 damage and regen instead (that’s Equality 90%).

Harmony Mythic: this gives +25% of your HP or MP Heal to the opposite Heal. 1000 HP Regen would give 250 MP Regen for example. with Alchemy, if you have 1000 HP Regen and 1000 MP Regen with Harmony, you would get 2500 Regen to the lower of your HP or MP.

Alchemy Mythic: earlier this year, I added this to my level 1 Ascending Gears for my Rogue & Warrior. works nice.

with Equality Set, the first time you get hit, your HP will go down, or the first time you cast a spell, your MP will go down (they are both at max and equal values). after that, damage/resource will be taken from your HP or MP, which ever is higher. any healing or regeneration will be done to which ever is lower of your HP or MP. it doesn’t matter if you have both HP & MP heals, or only one of them, as any heal goes to the lowest of either HP or MP.

Alchemy and Damage: lets say you have 1000/1000 HP & MP. at one point in the battle, you are down to 600 HP and 400 MP. you take 50% of your higher HP/MP in extra damage from your enemy. 600 HP is 60% of 1000. 50% of that is 30%. your enemy will do +30% damage to you for at least one hit. you do 50% of your lower HP/MP in extra damage to your enemy. 400 is 40% of 1000. 50% of that is 20%. you will do +20% extra damage to your enemy for at least one hit. since your HP & MP keep going up and down as you take damage, cast spells, and heal, the damage done by you and your enemy will keep changing. these numbers were used only as an example. healing with Alchemy will keep your HP & MP close, so more like 600/500 or 200/300, depending on how much your Regen is, how much damage your enemy does to you, or the cost of your spells.



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@Golem so Alchemy & Harmony can work well at the same part?


@ELYSEUM are you using druidic set on your own build bro?

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Yah Druidic and Druidic bonus is takes a big role when using Alchemy so that you wont lack mana in Pvp.

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when I used Alchemy for the first time earlier this year, I tested it with Equality Set and Harmony. it’s a good combination for some Builds. just make sure your Health & Mana on your Stat Page are the same; Health 100 & Mana 100 for example.


Harmony works with Alchemy
I was tested it in arena


Howd you change epiphany to equality?

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Remove the Epiphany with Kyanite and reroll Equality sets through Amethyst crystal. But remember that Epiphany sets cannot rollable with Amethyst crystal, it’s an exclusive sets by the Wizard.

Tips: before crafting a crystal make sure you save or upload your last data Incase you don’t achieve your desired items hehe


welcome to DQ @Jinx !

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