How Alchemys work?

This is my build Rouge flintlock Pve
And i am using Alchemy as resource system’

Dictionary say:

On my build:

HP and MP bar in Dungeon/map:

My question is , whether the Alchemy that I use is active or not?
because if seen from the dictionary that Alchemy actively follows the lowest HP or MP to increase 50% damage and the highest HP or MP to increase damage reduction… can anyone explain more?

Sorry my poor English :sweat_smile::pray:

Thank you

you don’t use the HP/MP Bar. look in the Stat Page where it tells you how much Health & Mana you have. if you have 10k Health and 4k Mana, Alchemy will keep reducing your Health until it gets lower than your Mana, then it will take from your Mana until it is lower than your Health.

Alchemy doesn’t have damage reduction.

right now, as long as your MP is 100% full, you are doing +50% damage. in the screen shot, your HP looks like it’s about 25%, so you are taking about +12.5% more damage from your enemies.

what you really need is a lot more MP than HP, and Harmony Mythic works really good with Alchemy. if you have your Health & Mana the same value, 10k & 10k, using Equality Set with Harmony Mythic works good with Alchemy also. the down side to doing it this way is your damage will be around +30% to +45% most of the time. the only time you do +50% damage is when both your HP & MP are at 100%.

I have a theory I haven’t tested yet, but I think if you use +100% Glass Cannon to reduce your HP to 1 and only have high MP, you stay at +50% damage, because your Health is always at 100% with 1 HP! but you can’t use Equality Set because doing this wrecks your Equality % percentage really bad! also, Alchemy only raises and lowers your MP, so any damage taken by your enemies is increased based on your MP % when you get hit by a monster.

I hope this helps.

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Woaaah, i see

My MP bar Always full,my HP bar stay at 25% - 30% because Masochism+HP regen
My total HP is 13k and my total MP is 5.5k on stat point

I think Alchemy work like that

So, for example… of I have 10k HP an MP on my build,Alchemy still work well , right?

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as long as your HP is higher than your MP, Alchemy will raise/lower your HP whenever you take damage or cast spells. since your MP is always at 100%, you will always be doing +50% damage. I think the only thing you need to worry about is an enemy with Thorns, but if your heals are good enough, you should be ok.

Masochism is keeping your HP at about 6500, so as long as it doesn’t go below 5500, your MP will continue giving you that +50% damage. also, since your HP is kept at about 50%, your enemies are getting a +25% bonus when they damage you. if they are alive…

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Thanks for guide @Golem

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I used Alchemy on my Rogue & Warrior Ascending Thread and learned a lot. there were a lot of other players talking about how good it is.

in the most recent Patch, MP Absorb doesn’t work with Alchemy any more (also doesn’t work with Bloodmagic). something to do with play balance in the Battle Arena and Immortal Builds.


Thanks so much sir