How amber works?

Can someone give example or explain how amber crystal works, I dont want to use one just to experiment coz It’s too hard to collect crystals for newbies like me.

You use Amber on Weapons to attempt to change its Special Attack by giving you three options that varies between specific weapons and/or classes.

An example scenario is I tried to use Amber on my Flintlock. Amber will attempt to change Scattershot and gave Knightscharge, Meteor and Whirlingblades as your possible choices.


I got it! Thank you so much @LK_Stradmore for answering all my questions.

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I got a question regarding flintlock, I noticed in other videos that the firing style of their gun covered a huge area (spread). However, my flintlock is only linear. Why is that so?

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Extra Attack Chance and Multi Attack affixes make it so that you shoot multiple projectiles each attack, resulting in bullets firing in a cone shape like shotguns.

The bow also had this feature before it got nerfed to just strafing arrows in a line.


Thank you @LK_Stradmore .