How are people having so HIGH HP in battle arena?

I am talking about mages etc with 20k or 30k ? I have put almost 75% of spec points into HP, I have 75% hp affix and couple of 4k-5k HP+ affixes and still only get to 5k? What is going on? How can I get 30k HP?

I just made my HP SPEC POINTS 299 and only 5k.hp in arena? (When I check in Starting stats in battle arena)

Also does legend ELEMENT CRIT % increase the CHANCE or the CRIT DMG? What would change element CRIT CHANCE?

Well there are HP multiplicative sets. Vampiric Touch is the most important one. There are also Cyan HP% on their gear for sure.

Element crit is the chance to trigger Immolate, Freeze, Stun, and Poison Cloud depending on your weapon’s element and is a completely different mechanic from Criticals.

Hey thanks for the answer bud. Do you know if the MYTHIC SKILL harmony works with regen like HP or MP regen? Or is it only potions?

The new harmony works with all heals.