How are players getting such high hp and power in arena?

So I’ve noticed that a lot of players in arena have much higher health and power stats then I do.

Here is a snapshot of my health and power and my opponent with much higher stats (no draws):

This is using the build posted here

Basically I have 7500hp affix on every gear piece except offhand and amulet bit I have an eternal pet with 15000 hp and 50% hp. I also have all stat points in health and am using fauns, battle mage, and scoundrel. Another 95% balance affix on my amulet, 2x 225 luck affix and 6x luck natures. Pretty much the only things I’m missing are vampiric drain set affix and two 7500 hp affixes and maybe one more balance affix. I see people with over 30k health and a ton more power than me.

So are there some awesome affixes that I’m not using that can boost my health and power a lot? I don’t think I’m being inefficient and I always aim for perfect affix rows on non legendary items. I know that the way the affixes in this game synergizes one affix can make a huge difference. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


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I think the first guy is a cheater(If his is not,then I am a noob :sweat_smile:)


The first one is cheater. The second one is not.

You can make 600k HP with 1k Power Warrior. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: No Eternals needed. I try it one time. D.Q 3.0


Was that build any good? Man if I had that much hp and power my AI would be invincible.

Yes of course. Can even withstand on 98k crit against Rogues :joy:.

And by the way your build is not tanky at all. My Immortal Build can kill yours even if no draws. Your DMG Reduction is so small. I only have 26.5k HP ans 486 Power.

Yeah it’s not tanky. I kite immortal builds for 8 draws then can one shot them after 5 shock stacks. It can kill almost everyone else in arena though when played. I’ve been tinkering with it some over the past weak and testing immortal builds it can’t seem to find the right combo to make a tanky build.

Besides set affixes and crystal armor and resist affixes what are some good options for damage mitigation? I can only fit one legendary strength affix in my build and the epic armor affixes don’t seem to be worth a slot.

All Resist
Gold Find

Thats all I know.

I’m sure you know more! Time to give up them secrets!

Summoner amulet mythic

Summoner Mythic can only be use on Wizards…
Deadly Arts are best for Rogues
Shield is the best OH on Warrior.

To increease DMG Prevented you must have alot of Armor and All Resist.

HP is not important, BUT if you want to become a Killer with high HP, use BloodMagic and make your HP as high as heaven. You’re not tanky but your life is meaty. :grin:

7x flat ed, 2x flat weapon, 2x 200% weapon dmg, 3 push, 1 barb. It will greatly increase your power in arena.

What is the point of diminishing returns for armor and all resist in arena? Would having 3x 7500 armor and 3x 750 all resist on a warrior with all health stat points and blessed chest trait be overkill?

Try it yourself. I think it may be overkill but you will still reduce an insane amount of damage and make a possible build out of it. but 3x 750+ all resist isn’t worth it but you can of course use it- albeit not recommended.

I’m have tested 3x 7500 armor, 1x 3 star for 1200 ar? 1x 750 all resist and 500 all resist on pet, all health stat points and blessed trait on chest in my battle mage build. I can outlast most players in eternal league but still find that battle mages outlast me unless I can kiting. I have a couple of other changes in mind like a shield with block, some other mythics, etc but am current crystal poor so will be a week before I can test.

My goal now is to make a good AI that can deal with bursty builds, other battle mages, and immortal builds. I know it’s a pie in the sky dream but I need stuff like this to keep my interest until next patch.

You can attempt to make immortal build tbh but if you don’t need to , then you don’t have to. Honestly having this much armour and being able to do decent damage isn’t easy either.

Yeah it’s a delicate balance. I want enough defense to survive long enough to kill within one round. But really I want a build (not immortal) that makes people curse when they see it in the arena matchup screen. Right now people salivate when they see me cuz it’s a free win.

3 strength is 1500 AR. Each level of strength gives 500 AR, 1% HP and 25 HP Regen. Therefore strength 3 yields --> 3x500= 1500 AR, 3x1% = 3% HP and 75 HP Regen.

Legend AR at Max (5000) on legend gear is 1200 AR in the arena.


can you help me? :grin:
get the item’s like you