How can i get a character's frame?

Everytime i go to battle arena and fight… I notice something cool about my foe’s. In warrior’s logo i see a red highlights, in wizard… it’s blue and in rouge it’s yellow. I found it super cool and last night i wondered how they did get that?
Please tell me how.


You gain that frame by Ascending your character from lvl 99 to 1.


  1. Grey - 0 Ascensions
  2. Blue - 1 A.
  3. Gold - 2 A.
  4. Orange - 3 A.
  5. Red - 4 A.
  6. Purple - 5 A.
  7. Green - 6 A.

So it means… When i reached level 99 …i can back my level to 1 for a frame?

Precisely…if you have lots of crytals to spare…theres a build by griffin focusing on character leveling.

@Glen Its not only a frame, but also a powerful bonus. More here: Patch 2.1 Preview - Part 1

Ascension costs 5 Million * (number of ascension you wanna get). Your gear goes to your bags and can be equipped once you reach lvl requirement for equipping it (i.e. lvl 50 character for lvl 100 gear).