How can i get a eternal map and eternal pet


im collecting these eternal for the rare and ultra rare crystal.


you got a nice pet mate


Haha lolz that is Pirate pet ;p


Here Lolz


nice. i got 5 legend pet but no good affix. still farming for that pet tho.


they usually drop with not perfect affix tthat why we need more than 1 ;p. and yes need farm more .


use eternalized when killing carto ang ensalavers got a chance to get a eternalized map or pet


@Eater how can i use eternalized


Here [quote=“spongee27, post:1, topic:12452, full:true”]


while using eternalized your luck increase to loot eternal item


Try to get the following set bonuses on your item find build (eternalised,nadroji( 2 items),chrystaline,ephiphany). 40 to fortune etc