How can I get exp very fast on low budget?

Interested to ascend as fast as it possible, got only 1st ascension on my character.

Get as much Epiphany as you can, Quest mythstones on everything + Exp Gain affixes + Adventurer mythic + max Gold Find. The rest should be focused on killing fast.

Farm on floor 101, xp doesn’t increase after.

You’ll also need a set of Level 1 gear stacked with mythstones to climb to level 50. You’ll either need to use lots of Zircon or do floor 1 over and over after ascending without killing anything. The shop will refresh each clear, and items from the vendor are Level 1 if your are Level 1. You’ll need a bunch of gold in that case.

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I did a lot of experimenting when I was Ascending For Perks. one idea I used was having 3 different sets of Ascending Equipment, a level 1 or 2 build to get to level 20, a level 40 build to get from floor 20 to 50, and a level 100 build to get from floor 50 to 100ish.

my first Ascending Build was 6 Legend Items I got from the LegendEx with Dust, and then changed affixes when I wanted to try something different or found some Rare and Ultra Rare Crystals and Mythstones. I spent a lot of Gold to upgrade Mythstones to get my first few Quest stones.

another thing I did was using the Nadroji Chest and a Nadroji Ring or Amulet to activate the Nadroji Set Bonus to spawn +100% more Magic & Rare Tier monsters for more experience and treasure. this also sped up finishing the high Tier monster Feats for more rewards and experience and hero points.

pay attention to the order you choose Perks that best fit how fast you want to get Perks.

Gold is really important, as the cost of choosing a Perk goes up 5 million every time, and the reason for the Quest stones…

the second Perk requires 2x the experience of the first Perk. the 6th Perk is 10x the experience of the first. after you get the 6th Perk, you go back to level 1 for the last time and need 14x the experience to get to level 99.