How can i make my build better?

Id like to make a good arena build, im in eternal but im struggling to get pack ~68th place anything i can do?

I was making a post already and close the tab accidentally >.>
I’ll just give things that I see that aren’t optimize. I Don’t play rouge on pvp so I haven’t tested builds yet.
I don’t play a proc build.

Heroic skills will not count on BA

You have Discordance and Blood Magic. In this scenario discordance doesn’t work.

Affixes that you might need double check for battle arena
Nadroji set affix.
Item Drop
EXP gain.
Luck (Depends really if you are maximizing faun set)
Hunter mythic
Check your talents that has a synergy for your build
Raise your item quality

For BA I don’t use ice due to freeze can be countered with frozen immune but I guess slowing down your opponent is nice when your range.

For projectiles you could check out timewarp
I like coat weapon proc or vial in arena it helps in crits and elecrit