How can i see how many hours did i played DQ?


Too bad for IoS and Android. The answer is NO WE CANNOT. :sob::sob::sob::sob:

You can only see it on Amazon like @Mr_Scooty

thanks you bro for reply to bad we cant see the hours that we played.

Well if you install app usage tracking before you begin playing DQ for the 1st time, it will probably helps. Look for App Usage - Manage/track usage (android). If you’re in iOS, try BreakFree. (also got an android version of it)

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That is correct @marwinberna

Only Amazon provides hours played. Below are my hours from a few weeks ago.

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:heart_eyes: that gaming hours shows

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You’re way ahead of me in hours, Mr_Scooty… :dizzy_face:


Another Amazon user!!! :smiley:

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Yep… :wink:
I’m playing on a Fire 8 HD (5th Gen).
Wish it were a bit faster, but it does the job…