How can my luck increase to generate more eternal

which affixes I can use to generate more eternal articles please, since I do not find many eternal articles

It increases the rarity of items which means more legends will drop, which in turn increases the likelihood of an eternal dropping. Normally Eternals are rare even with high luck and lots of legends dropped but with Eternalized set (5) and Treasured perk, the eternal legend find chance can be 550% so more eternals will drop. Floor 200 one of the best places for this imo.

Using high item drops also helps with high luck as the more items dropped, more affected by Luck as well as Eternalized and ascension perks.

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And when you go to very high floors the drops get less but better. But for farming it’s not really worth it unless you are chasing a specific item which you could probably unlock quicker by speed item finds on floor 200 plus with luck stacked

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