How can this be possible?

I’ve got a warrior using this sword and it does 51k dps ilvl98 and I found an eternal the broadway that has amazing stats, does 99.k dps and some how it’s 63 percent less damage… I’ll upload a few pics. Not sure what’s going on and I still don’t understand the synergy bonuses of using some items with others.
Could you tell me why this awesome weapon is usless to me and maybe point me to some sort of FAQ about items and their bonuses when put together?
I’d be forever grateful.

I’ve uploaded all of what I’m wearing. I’ve searched for hours to figure out how these items fit together but have turned up nothing.

I really want to spend some cash on gold and support the game makers but this learning curve is kicking my ass.

Any help would be very very very much appreciated.

If you understand the logic of the game :slight_smile:
The green item is the strongest of all but you can create a stronger item by mixing all the crystal in right way
…the -dps doesnt really affect for me,because some affixes can boost the dps of an item for example weapon dmg/ multi atk

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It’s a REALLY complex calculation that factors in tons of stats.
Best ask the devs.

use the green one because of the Dps its like my custom axe but this is a eternal item
mine is custom look your Siege weapons has a weapon dmge + and %

I have a question for you: Do you know how to screenshot? If not, you can use home and power button at once to take screenshot unless… it is not letting you.
I believe these pictures were taken by camera correct?

I would say use the green (eternal) item since it does more damage until you get a greater understanding of how everything works. Also, work to find more legends and test them out to understand how some of them work and eventually, you might make unique build. That is how I made unqiue build like aftermath build for wizard.

For your main question about why the dps is less than your legend, i simply dont knpw. Eternal for you is great at this point in the game but understand that crafting your own items with the right mix of affixes and dps is more powerful. This will help in later point in game.

Thanks for the answers guys.

And yes it was with my camera phone. Power button fried on my tablet so I had to take it with my phone. New tablets today so won’t be a glare in future shots :wink:

I see. That can be understandable since that unfortunate power button fried. Do you take pics with device or camera. Also how many devices do you have and would you put dungeon quest account there?

I have 3 devices. 2 tablets and one phone. DQ is on both tabs.
I may even put it on my phone for when I’m bored and can’t haul a tablet around.
This has been a great game. Heavy learning curve with items and sets and its missing a story line and a tiny bit repetitive but all in all its my fav game on the app store atm.
I tend to stick with one or two games at most at a time.

Oh and when the power button works I can screen shot but I had to use my phone camera til I got the tabs today. Now I can screen shot all day :slight_smile:

the dps increase and decreased from compare stat is depend on heroic point, affix, talent and nature.
Lets say u use epic weapon sword with heroic point on all sword related skill. even if u found eternal axe with great affix, in the end it will compare base on overall boost, mean when u use eternal axe the weapon is plain as it only boost based on affix on that axe while your epic sword have boost damage from heroic point. So do with talent. let say u use rogue and your weapon is gun. when u compare cap talent X with talent rebound (increase bullet from gun damage) cap with rebound will show increase dps than X talent. and by affix, let say u use legend weapon with costume affox +5000WD +50%WD +50%WD (Endow) +5000ED +2Multi attack (Each deal 50% original damage) and compare with eternal weapon with lame affix like -% Mp cost +Hp on Hit, Dodge, block whatever affix not related to Dps, it will show minus when compared to your legend sword.

*Additional Info: Some might wonder why when add legend affix multi attack on weapon the dps increase significantly. That because Raw dps shown is calculate/Count its as it increase raw damage as each multi attack deal 50% damage. (My theory)

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I normally play with tablet but since it runs out of charge faster, I use s3 mini more often. I try to play as much as possible because I have no school for 2 weeks and charge won’t get in the way alot. Phone is handy for dq because its small and easy to pick up qnd play dq anywhere if tablet cannot be carried. For storyline in this game, we need ideas of how it should be implemented and they are usually placed in the feature category. I have absolutely no idea how the story should work but I think some other people might.

Maybe this game will be the best game in play store or app store if story ,something to make hackers completely unknown to new players and learning players as well as players like me by placing hackers in the cheaters leaderboard while the non hacking player gets placed in the regualr leaderboard. Its a bit like how the arena leaderboards work.


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Hey man. Just lurk around the forum you’ll find coll stuffs and info from other players ^^

FIrst of all you have to make sure both item is of same element. from your picture you are comparing a ice element and arcane element. it will greatly affects the dps outcome because dps calculation factors in elemental DMG. and the types of affix you have on that weapon.

The legend item is strong if you are using secondary skill. skills like throw sword, earthshatter, whirlwind

The eternal item will stronger if you are using the primary skill slash and standing still. where dps is (Damage per sec)
its has 99k DPS because it has a 4 extra attack chance.

So if you are standing still dealing dmg. the eternal WINS legends. likewise the legend sword has much BETTER RAW power so it benefits spell caster.

im gonna give you a explanation with picture to help you understand better

Looking at the above picture you will notice the dps of the middle pic is slightly higher because im comparing the SAME element.

So if i will you i will ask the same question. WHY is my eternal item 75% lesser than my normal item. is is 75k dps!!

But take a back step and see the affix… because the eternal item is short of +225% Crit DMG

DPS calculation is very complicated but just remember 1 thing… skill are base off WEAPON dmg. what do we mean by weapon dmg. look at the above picture… the dmg on (B) is what the system use to calculate the damage of skills. like 500% of weapon damage ,800% weapon dmg. and so on… they take (B)
the affix that can affect (B) to go higher or lower are only WEAPON DMG and WEAPON DMG %

So What is (A)? A is the overall calculation of the affixes you have on that weapon including things like +Attack speed , + multi attack. Elemental DMG, Elemental DMG %… and so on…

Elemental DMG and and Elemental DMG % , Attack speed and + Multi attack , extra attack chance WILL NOT affect (B). it will only affect (A)

So at the end of the day the answer to my pic is. my mythic item is stronger than the eternal weapon.

Ok i will end it here and i hoped it will be a help to you… when you play more of the game you will understand its system and the deep item customisation that Dungeon Quest has to offer… :innocent:

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IMO, item progression is legend–>Eternal legend—> customized Crystal legend—> Eternal mythic—> customized Mythic item. I belive Mythic item is the most power item in the game along with crystal affixes or if its eternal mythic. Eternal mythic does depend on luck though. If only we can at least reroll affixes on eternal with diamond or fluorite for perfectionists like me for eg.

This may seem like a bad idea but epic affixes can only be removed from eternal mythic if it is added and options that most people want are more likely to appear. And epic affix can be added again. Im not sure how it could work for legend affixes but id say just epic affixes on eternal mythics and there are only two eternal mythics at the moment. I guess that might be unbalanced on weapon and head and just wouldn’t make sense. I just want some way to balance eternal mythics. Speaking of which, can ruby be added on eternals or zircons? Would changing talents also balance em or nature? Just some ideas that came on the fly. The removing epic affix idea only on eternal mythic is meh but no sapphiring allowed. Another idea could be, you cant remove epic affix on eternal mythic but you can use sapphire but it would cost so much sapphire for certain affixes because of wide variety of epic affix. It only works on eternal mythic though that idea and no removing affix. I think thats all I can try to come up with but I never used many eternals to know how they’re balanced and never ever got eternal fabled items. Are eternal fabled extremly hard to find and costing lots of sapphiring to get the right epic affix on eternal mythic balanced? Maybe this will make more people try getting eternal mythic.

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Thank you for that explanation! Cleared it up quite a bit for me. I still have a LONG way to go in understanding sets and items synergies but that did help a lot!

Cheers mate

that is because your other item got an additional 48% damage, it is not included to the dps indicated at the top but can still see the differencebto the left side bar… the dps at the top is not the total dps including all the affixes… it is the actual dps of the item itself only.

Hey, man.
Please take note of post dates. :smile: This post is outdated. Refraining from necrobumping keeps confusion at a minimum by keeping older version content out of the mix with newer content.
Please and thanks.
Enjoy, man. :wink:

I have been wondering this since I started playing the game. Why is an item with the higher listed DPS shown to lower the equipped DPS %.

This explanation is very clear and makes the most sense.

Would it be fair to call the % bar the “true” dps, as that is the one that will effect in game?

If so,

It seems that specifically affixes like “+Attk chance” or simply “+xxxx damage” greatly raise the “true” dps, much more than other affixes. For this reason, would you say those affixes are the best?