How do I Ascend?

So I reached level 90 with my main character but I don’t see a way to ascend it. How do I do it?

Oh it seems its only available at level 99, my bad guys.

Yup, lvl 99. Also get yourself +exp mythstones if you can and will be able to clear with them. They will provide really strong boost to experience gain.

I finnaly got to level 99 but I’m unsure on what to pick. The eternal drops are for crystals only? Or it affects items as well? I’m more inclined to pick that one since I only have like 2 eternal items.

I went for treasured but dude, I’m back to level one and I can’t equip my gear. Wtf, I’m going to get destroyed now

Use peridot on your items to get them to lvl 100. Then use crystals to give epic affixes (if you don’t have many use the normal/epic instead) to the items and roll them several times to get somewhat decent rolls. Now go floor 200, buy some maps and get the pack size on the easy our similar difficulty (pick the one you can clear in decent time). You will get back to level 50 fast

I just reverted back my save file, I was playing in mythic 3 difficulty and when I ascended I became a pleb lol it was impossible to continue the floor I was in. I will only ascend it when I clear all floors, only 10 more so its OK.

What are these crystal afiixes I keep hearing about. Is that how some items are baby blue in color? How do I get them?

You loot them from monsters or you can use obsidian to give a crystal affix to the item. You have ascension perk that gives you more chance for item to be crystal or eternal and you have also set affix (green) that gives you more chance for legendary item to be crystal/eternal.

Pretty sure that was fixed in the last patch.

I used those crystals to get my main weapon to level 100 ages ago.