How do i get mana powerbase with mythics


Bloodmagic is self explanatory but mana base is not so obvious.


The Fury Mythic already established mana base and so does energy so no matter how much mana you have, they still function very well. I mean unless you have 1 mana.

For eg, you have 2500 MP. Well actually energy and fury buffs those by ×10 . You have no need to add extra MP since the skills will always use a % of the resource pool instead of a flat number.

Energy dependant on how much Energy % of the mana pool is used. More energy used, more DMG %+ on all DMG. You use 30% energy on special skill, 10% energy on primary skill and you recover 30% of the energy per second.
Fury is dependant on how full it is and it Increase special skill DMG. It gets filled by primary skill but you lose 5% fury per second. Primary skill fills fury by 30% and special skill uses fury by 30% or 50%.

Discordance is simply using the regular mana pool but swapping cooldowns , weapon MH% of special skill to primary and primary to secondary , swapping mana cost ,making Multi and Extra attack work on special skills but not primary skills. It also apparently used to have a hidden 25% Increase MH% but I see no proof of it. Maybe it was removed or never added.

Alchemy also uses regular pool of mana and HP but the MP and HP behave as a resource pool. Sometimes mana can act like extra HP and HP act like extra MP and the Regen making both recover quickly. Also the HP lowering itself and MP lowering itself for more DMG % since it’s based off missing mana and HP pool % in alchemy .

Equivalence still uses the same mana pool but 65% damage Reduction and 65% resource cost or so. It’s very good. Also it equalises MP and HP by 100%. However to maintain that damage Reduction , you would need the HP to be full and staying full and MP not used much.