How do I get ultra rare mythstones efficiently?

Im asking this because I want an efficient way to get mythstones such as elixir. I know that converting mythstones until 500 will get me ultra rare mythstone but mythstones don’t drop as much as crystals and I can’t convert most gear into mythstones unless I make mythics.
Maybe I could keep making easy mythics then convert to rare as well as the convert 500 mythstone feat. I was thinking vendor is also worth it if I buy the 500k gold mythstone. I have a big mythstone supply but it’s draining my mythstones fast. I dont get as much mythstones like I do crystal but in my experience crystals are far easier.
I feel like mythical set affix still doesnt affect it that much to get ultra rare mythstones. Yes I know ultra rare mythstones are meant to be hard but I just want a efficient and least mythstone consuming method. I think making mythics then converting them is the best way to get ultra rare mythstones provided I have gold. Battle arena dont give much mythstones as they do crystals. Easy mythics means mythics which dont use super rare mythstone and are easy to make on any rarity gear with 4 sockets.

Please answer my questions so I can finally get a good feeling of satisfaction.
Not only they can answer my questions but some other peoples questions if they have questions on the most efficient method to get ultra rare mythstones. I had this question for many weeks and I felt it was ok to finally let it out on this thread.

1.having 200% item drop help increase MS drop amount.
2.Use Mythical Set to increase chance to get rarest Mythic stone
3. Make limit of each Mythic stone, and do use Mythic stone feat/Convert.
*Just keep each like around 50-100. and if that “x” Mythic Stone have more that the amount u limit. convert until it reach to the mythic stone that u have less. when vendor offer Mythic stone [Death] 500k gold price. (It my routine / Habit) for me. spent 5M on something “Not So Sure” is a waste. but just spent 500k on “Not so sure” is luck depending. ive good amount MS now. thanks to the habit of limiting convert and buy 500k Mythic stone on vendor. lol

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I have plenty of Mythstones, what I lack are crystals though they are starting to build up

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Ok thanks for the tips :). Im replacing mythical set affix on my energy cap with 2+ set affix to make my build better. Ill definitley work on a new build when I can.

U can farm eternal item for convert (insta ultra rare crystal)


U can use this pic as example, keep around hundred and when it have more convert never salvage it, that my style lol.
P/s: I have few elixer but since I not buy extra Stacy and cs/ms bag so I need keep 1 empty so I can directly move ms I found from bag to Stach

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Mythic items have a chance to produce a Mythstone between the two highest Mythstones used to create the Mythic. I found this on dungeon quest patch notes for 2.0. Whats this supposed to mean? Thid is what happens if mythic items are converted.

if u make any mythic item let say the two higher MS used is Fortune and Times. then when u convert u have chance to get MS in between Fortune-Times MS.

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So this isnt reliable for farming ultra rare mythstones such as elixir and zenith. Reason being I think is because I have to use eliixir or master to gain the ultra rare mythstone. Is it 100% guaranteed to get the mythstone between the two highest mythstones.

who said convert those mythic item is good in farming MS lol. doing that is wasting. and not worth. it only give back between those 2 higher ms USED to make that mythic skill. if u make bloodmagic mythic or skilled mythic. dont ever dream to get high end MS lol. what i said before by convert is just convert your extra MS that u have. doing Feat or buy it in vendor.

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I figured… Im doing your method where if you have more than 100, convert them and never salvage. Also I do buy in vendor :slight_smile: . I cant believe I used to believe gconverting mythics get high end mythics :laughing: . I was hoping for it to work but the dungeon quest developers are sure clever :smiley: . Im definitley doing mythical method as well? Thanks for tips yet again. Im jealous of your mythstone supply :sweat: . Also I wish I had the amount of gold you have. I’ll save up gold for sure though and keep playing as much as possible to get the best possible stuff as well.

40million in my inventory can be 2-5Million in a day if i start convert all eternal and doing some convert cs and ms lol. and can get mt gold up to 40m or more in a day.

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Awesome. A million or 2 is already hard enough for me in mythic 3. Im farming floor 181 on mythic 2 and having high gold find because enemies are so easy to hit.

i play in m3 and normally do map with packsize 190%+ gold per floor run can be around 1.5-1.9million

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