How do I improve on my Rogue?

See title. This is my hireling. I’m happy with her output as I begin my climb to 1000 (nearing 700 now). But I know I’m not much of a math guy and I’m wondering if there are any glaring mistakes or incorrect assumptions I’ve made when I put her together. Any input is welcome.

Replace your pet with shibe when you get one but otherwise the build looks just fine too me :+1: the only improvement I can think of is when you can afford it adding in push the limit and barbarian would also be good since they’re another multiplier :smile:

Wow! Thanks for such a quick response. I actually have a Shibe, but the imp saves me slots via 10 stealth and aps. Barbarians, I’ve shied away from because I thought that would bone me on my already low, but functional mana pool. I have a piece or two I can plug into this as a trial when I build my crystals back up.

Again. Thanks, man!

Yeah you should be able too switch out some frostbiting for barbarian/push and a little more mana if you need a little more because they should multiply your damage evem more then a single affix of frostbiting :smile:

Maby put all points in to power to that’s what I all was do with my rouges :slight_smile: unless you need that much mana

I made the change. Worked out well. Thanks very much!

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Glad I could help you :smiley:

How do I get This 5 in (5) Ninja , similarly in other sets in (5) numbers

How do I get This 5 in (5) Ninja , similarly in other sets in (5) numbers

Use 1 Elixir in amulet and 1 elixir in ring to get 4+ all sets capped. Each Elixir mythstone gives 2+ all sets.

That means Ninja initially Ninja (1) turns into Ninja (5). That’s because (1)+4=(5).

Another way is use nadroji amulet and nadroji ring to get 4+ all sets total. Each of them have a legend affix 2+ all sets as well.
This is a good alternative if you struggle for Elixir mythstones or if you don’t plan to use rings/amulets such as cognition, entropic jewel, epiphany ring, etc.

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Thanks for fielding that. I don’t check the forums often enough.

So here’s where my math weakness catches up to me. At 5+ swings a second and around 30% elemental critical, pretty much everything she’s engaged is getting damaged at +500% via my five frostbiting affixes. You’re saying that swapping one or two frostbiting (100% increase damage to frozen enemies) for two barbarians or push’s (+50%,) would net more overall damage? Not saying you’re wrong, just admitting I don’t understand how it works.