How do I install the new patch


This is my first time


Just update app on CH Play.
If u use “modified apk”, save data and install newest apk version.


Odd though, I can still join arena so must be nothing critical.


Yes! Finally advert boost better and ofc other reasons. I would love to edit the wiki.


Doesn’t make sense why it’s not out here… 0.o

Maybe it’s released regionally? Seems doubtful though.


I thought this new patch would throw new in-game features :cry:


And again, I ask… what patch. ?

Am I The only one who hasn’t got it?


You’re too OP to have a new patch, we need some patches of advantage to compete against you :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol. Is there really a patch or is everyone dickin with me?


No patch too me too lol, prob amazon users got first.


Ahhh ok. Ty. That means it is regional then i suppose.


no patch for me too (android).


A new patch was released on Friday of last week. Google might be doing a “managed rollout” where they only roll out the update in small increments.

I will have a look and force it if I can.


Got it. Ty


Any patch notes?


its alive in google play store.