How do I roll all epic affixes

I’ve seen the pics of ilvl 100 items with all Orange affixes. I have plenty of gold just not the knowledge on how to get the desired affixes. Please help?

Re-roll stats on an item. You can enchant items in the enchant menu when opening your inventory or such. Get an item you want to enchant, much gold (10m+) and save your game data to the server (upload it), and every time you enchant an item and it gets the desired affix or it doesn’t, just download your data from the server and try it again, again and again until you’re satisfied. I don’t know if it’s still possible to do so, but I hope it is and that I could help you. :smile:

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It takes several hours, I think it’s posted in my guide, if not I’ll update it in the future, PM me for more info, but I doubt you’ll want to spend several hours getting every single affix, the best bet is to aim for a specific 3 affixes to get you by then supplement them with legends.

To do this the biggest 2 key things you have to have:

  1. Luck, not just luck in real life, but luck on the equipment, pick up a lv 1 item, keep re-rolling the first affix, till you get orange luck, then add 1 more affix and re-roll it to level 100 on all 6 equipment slots. (you have to have 2 affixes on an item to re-roll it) Make sure after you re-roll to lv 100, that luck is +50%, if not, keep re-rolling until you achieve this.

After getting +300% luck on gear, start working on your re-rolling.

PM me if you need more info.