How do killswitch work on wizard?

The wizard legend chest armor “Scoudrel 's Garb” has killswitch

It will only work if you have Sentry Proc (legend affix), Scoundrel set, & OH special skill Sentry.

scoundrel set has chance to cast sentry. check the set affix. the off hand has sentry proc too. and of course, you can amber your offhand special skill to sentry.

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Yup, i forgot about that (edited). I doubt if he’s a blinkstriker wiz, if not second option is sentry proc.

convert item to Rouge then roll epic stat Ambush5, Ambush has the ability to have a chance to have traps on impact of attack on enemy. 1% chance per point…
then reroll it to wizard…

Lol, if you jasper a rouge item with Ambush +5 skill, it will turn also into a wizard skill.

You are correct :+1:

ambush is a talent though. but still it would get converted as you said