How do people get 2000 power in pvp?

How do people get 2k power in pvp? I want you guys to help me get as much power in pvp as possible, I tryed making sever deadly sins items for my mage and most i could reach was 700-800 can someone help me please?

Power is kinda irrelevant. It neglects a lot of damage mechanisms such as Ruptured/Exposed/Skilled/Fury/Energy/Living Force/Identity/+Skill etc. etc.

I’m currently #1 and my live play char has ~480 power :wink:.

Well, I’ve gone pretty far in game so I can make almost any item I want, I’d like you to show me a good build (for wizard) with which I can kill anyone in just a few shots, I can’t get out of Mythic division…

Perseverance makes you stronger.
No frustration no gain.
No time wasted no Arena Points Earned.

Mythic League is full of cheaters… BUT
Eternal League is full of Immortals.

So what do you prefer. :joy:

If you go to Eternal League you will be just f**ked up. And when you stay at Mythic League you will face cheaters. Better to defeat cheaters first before facing Immortals brother.

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Well I used to be in Eternal league but I stoped playing and now that I started again my set was nerfed, I used to play with Plagued MH wep and OH wep Equality armor Spirit Master helm and Drudic Ring and Amluet but now both Plagued Bonus and Drudic Bonus got Nerfed same as Storm. So I wanna find a new good build for my mage.

Actually it’s better to face legit immortals than cheaters lol.

What would be terrible is if a cheater used the Immortal Build in Eternal gear form. Thankfully immortal build isn’t shared.

Well mate, I can think of many immortal builds (base same but few tweaks) but it’s pointless if you don’t have enough dmg to kill another immortal. That’s why I am here. So is anyone willing to share a decent build?

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Just giving him an idea so when he go to face Immortals he already have ideas what to do :blush:

I used to be in Eternal league but I stoped playing for a good while and my items got nerfed… I alredy mentoned this but yeah, I am looking for a new build.

Eternal League players use Battlemage Build copycats add some tweaks but still Battlemage Build (because thats the only build that can stay in your position even offline)

cannot also go up to div 2 im stock in div 3 :relieved:
hoping to the next update to have bracket system

I am back at Mythic 1 top 2% and i’ve been fighting more tenrals than mythics… Guess who are the only ones to win me… People of 1400+ power… That’s why I am here, not for another immortal build :cry:

Make your build balance… good def and good damage. Having high HP or High Power doesnt mean you are strong.

High HP with Low Def is nothing.
Having high Power with 1 HP is also nothing :joy:

Make balance.

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I do have some balance in my build, it’s not the main focus of my build mate, tho thank you for the tip but that’s not what I am looking for, I am intrested in those too high dmg builds.

@CuzegSpiked Being a build creator fanatic, would you mind sharing a too high dmg build with us? If you don’t mind of course. :slight_smile:

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Hold on, I haven’t finished and also what’s the point if crushing flames existed. I do have Frozen though and it does still do great damage with higher weaken , sureshot/brutal, 200% WD, etc.

I’m just adding an extra 200% Frostbiting for 500% Frostbiting to reach overkill Hachimon Status for the Seasonal Maiden orb build. It’s actually pure ice mode though but still.

I still haven’t got around to make the unique alchemy pierce build though with Frozen to take advantage of 50% pierce DMG per enemy or 100% at 40 hero points but I wanted to since it was fairly unique and something not many attempt. Alchemy is also a difficult mythic for most skills but extremely brilliant with primary skills imo, especially pierce and guidedshot and anything that has great potential.


My build just got 170k HP and 458 Power but can’t be killed easily. My build can prevent dmg by 300k to 500k and can heal from 50k to 70k HP. Im roaming at Eternal div 2 and 3 :blush:.

My point why I say that you must be balance is not all of your enemies are the same. Some are critters, some are tankers, some are blinkers, some are bleeders.

@CuzegSpiked build doesnt have very high DMG and Cerebral Vortex but can kill Tanks.
@f00kee AI doesnt very quick or doesnt move more often but when Chakrams hit you it deals crits like 20k to 37k
@Eater build deals 98k crit. Even though I have much defense (I use 600k HP Warrior that time) :smile:

If you choose to have high dmg but not giving an attention to your defense you just got rip offline or even online when you face this 3 players.

If you still want to have high dmg I will give you this.

Clogon Hybrid Build for Wizard

70k HP with 1600 Power.

Aethereal Drain x 2 (1 Eternal Wand)
Satyrs Spirit x 2
Cerebral Vortex (1 Eternal Necklace)
Spell Sword
Permafrost (Pet)

x 2 Gold Find
x 2 TMP

x2 to 3 7500 MP
x2 to 3 5000 ED

x1 Glasscannon

Pet Affixes

Gold Find

I guess you will very happy for the result of this one.

P.S I use this build before in 2 v 2 on my Wizard. :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:

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:joy: Let him be.

:heart_eyes: Thank you mate!! :heart: Once I’ll try to make a build like that, tho the 2 Eternal items will be kind of a pain to farm but I’ll give it my best! I really apriciate your support. :smile: