How do people get enigma lances?

Ive been finding a TON of people in arenas using engma lances and im not aure if thats cheated in or not, ive reported some of them but i mean the amount im encountering is ludicrous and im wondering if theres a way to craft an enigma lance. Any ideas?

Enigma is an OH Mythic Skill.

the two options are

  1. cheat.
  2. bug. sometimes, weapons & Items will have the name of a random mythic instead of the mythic that is on them. I’ve had a few Items like that.
  3. Enigma is on the OH, but as a Mythic Proc Skill, it will Proc when any skill is used, OH or MH skills.

I thought it was a oh. But it realy is ludicrous how many enigma lances you find in eternal 7.

I guess I need to go to Eternal League and check out my enemies Items before going to the next battle. I usually just kill them, and stop for the day when I lose 2-4 times in a row.

Yeah, now im running itno enigma wands. Im pondering if theres a bug or if theres just that many people who hack this game.

when you fight them, are they hopping around like Enigma or are they Proc’n a MH Mythic? that’s another way to tell if it’s a hack Enigma MH Weapon.

Im confused what do you mean by this?

Enigma Mythic is placed on OH and works like Wizard OH Special Skill Shatter. while you are casting spells, there is a 30% chance to Proc Enigma (unless the % is lowered for PVP like Legend Proc’s).

if the MH says it’s an Enigma MH Weapon, but the enemy is Proc’n Earthquake Mythic, then you know it’s a bug and not a hack.

Ok dose that mean this bug is common?

it’s been mentioned for a long time. there are a bunch of posts in the bug reports thread, some with screen shots.