How do talents work

Have a level 25 mage that has talents but they keep randomly changing. How do I pick my talents, upgrade them etc. There is no info anywhere on how they work

Talents work a lot like skills do on weapons, but a little more varied. Talents are on the items themselves, so you don’t have to choose the talent specifically, but choose the item with the talent you want on it.

Each armor type ( Chest, Head, Ring, Amulet ) has 6 talents available that can appear on it.

The full list of talents can be found:

Also, when Talents appear on gear is staggered:
Talent on Chest: Item Level 6
Talent on Head: Item Level 11
Talent on Ring: Item Level 16
Talent on Amulet: Item Level 21
Second Skill on Mainhand: Item Level 21
Second Skill on Offhand: Item Level 26

Hope that clears it up!

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I see them on my gear, Ty. There isn’t a way to put specific talents on gear? Would go a long way to building specific toons we want. I.e. I like the minion master type set up but its all currently random talents and power levels if any.

We keep things pretty item based, which allows you the freedom of switching around pretty easily once you’ve collected a lot of items. We definitely see the merit of a talent page, however, over time you should be able to get pieces of gear that suit your needs.

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