How do these damage work?

Do crit chance, element crit, crit damage, and elemental crit damage stack or affect each other?

Can weaken, ignore resist, and effective (mythic) stack?

Damage stacks for sure

@DuDono So you mean if I freeze an enemy, my 400% frostbite would be boosted by my 350% critical damage? Is that your point?

I have seen damage values skyrocket to billions of dmg so yes thats probably how it works

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That’s neat, no wonder my wizard made 500B dmg one time.

How about the resist, do they stack?

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To first query, yes. Crits and elemental crits do stack. Crits apply to every damage as well. Its why it’s so important to Maximise Crit DMG to 350%, or 437.5%+ on Epiphany; Secondly, Deadly Strike has a chance to double your crit DMG, so 700%+ normally; and lastly Brutal Mythic turns that into 3x or Triple your Crit DMG, so 1050%+. There is a hidden base +50% crit so 350% really becomes 400%. Deadly strikes can be 800%, or 1200%. Even more with Epiphany, some talents such as Dextrous 20 add 200% on dodge. Some skills have extra Crit DMG on hero points such as EarthShatter, Bash, Smash, Multishot and Blinkstrike. A few also have extra crit chance and coatweaoon skill adds some.

On the other question, Yes and no. Weaken does stack with effective but Ignore resist doesn’t stack with either as it ignores enemy resist altogether. Still recommend weaken :+1: for more damage. Effective is optional.

On a side note, effective also shows as different elements when some enemy dies by Frozen or an explosion happen. Sort of able to stack elements this way. Like the Seasonal Maiden build behaviour came back. I thought it was patched but it came back recently.