How do you get eternal items?

I’ve been playing for roughly over 2 years and I never got a eternal item.

… … umm …

Flight in the arena you will received gift box open it or play mythic3 difficulty higher floor

100% drop

tenk me leter

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Pure luck dude just luck

2 years?!? BTW max out your luck and item drops if that doesn’t help then idk what will…

That’s the problem, mythics never spawn for me and I can’t take mythic 3 yet. I can only tackle mythic 1

Just craft mythic hunter ring Or if you are lvl99 ascend and choose hunter perk . and you can complete feats by finding shrine and kill epic to legend to mythic = eternal fishball .you can do it any floor dude. But i suggest to kill mythic boss in high floor for lvl100 eternal fishball gear