How do you get "Legend" Rank?

So, I’ve been playing on PvP mode for 2 day’s. But, in The 2nd day, i realized something was off. I was stuck in “Epic” rank :confused: i was trying to get Legend league and i saw something, someone with 21-26 wins was in the “Legend” Rank. So, How do you get “Legend” Rank?
Plus, the “Someone” with the Legend rank has more loses than his win’s (28 Loses).

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when you are not sure about another player in Battle Arena, take a screen shot and post it in the Cheaters & Hackers Thread.

it is possible the player you are talking about has been playing DQ for enough time to learn how things work in the game and has read a lot in the DQ Forums to get an idea for a good build that can move up fast in PVP, but that is kind of rare.

as far as not moving up in Rank, it is possible that you might need to recalibrate your PVP Build so that it does better, either on defense, offense, or both.

also, other players might be knocking your Character down in Ranks while you are offline.

even if the other player is cheating, you still have the opportunity to improve your build so that you defeat the weaker cheaters and move up past them.

don’t give up and keep climbing to Eternal League!!! :mountain: