How do you or can you farm ultra rare mythstones and crystal

how do farm them like im already at floor 136 and i only gotten one utra rare crystal the one that gives you a legendary affix. I really want to know how to farm ultra rare mythstones so i can craft or make good mythic affix

use Eternalized and Crystalline set.

How do I get them?

Im only at like floor 136

its in the codex bro.

for wiz.

Im blind i didnt see that haha thankyou

Converting eternal and crystal equipments will also give random ultra rare crystals.

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@Stride also, there are 2 items that have Sets that help get Myth Stones too. another way to increase your chance to get better Crystals and Myth Stones is higher floors. every 100th floor up to floor 500 increases the chances to get the higher tier CS & MS, but at the cost of getting the lower ones. so at floor 100, you don’t get Calcite anymore, but have better chances to get some of the higher tier ones you weren’t getting before. on floor 500, you aren’t getting the 5 lowest CS & MS, but the higher ones will drop more often. having a high Luck helps a lot, and those items @kiane_zaine shared in his post help even more.

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Convert any eternal items into an ultra rare gem for 500000 k

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