How do you play?

Im just really curious when you launch Dungeon Quest, what do you have in mind?

Are you climbing lower floors and struggling to find/craft items to push you up higher? Or just tweaking your build to push it a little higher on a crazy high floor?

Do you just have 1 build and play to climb or MF or do you like to make different builds, for the same class, or different classes?

Do you even care about adding magic find stats or are the passive bonuses enough with the Codex spawns?

High damage, or defence, niche mechanics, screen wide clear, zoom around fast, etc.

How do you play this game?

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Well personaly, i am a wizard who uses discordance to spam twister mabey just a lil to much. I have a hireling who is a warrior and i do like to see my colection fill up in the codex, i also use an orb to teleport around so i can make more proffit by saveing time clearing floors. I colect alot of dust for certain. And as im climbing floors and farming dust like a mad lad with my build ive optimized to do so, im often thinking of random concepts to try out, like maxing out just pure movment speed for the giggles to see what happens, and builds for pvp, and consider charecter concepts for some of the dnd campains i host for freinds. But thats what my game play looks like. I do also enjoy watching my enemies get vaporized from my favorite atack.


Thanks for the response :blush:

I like to have some movement skill too, on every build if I can, but haven’t even thought of movement speed tbh that could be fun

That sounds pretty cool, what kind of campaigns do you host?

I farm a lot because I’m always tweaking a build, or crafting a new build or testing some idea I have. I’m always running out of Gold or Crystals. haven’t had a problem with Dust since my Noob days.

when climbing floors, I just rush the Cartographer, unless I dropped a Legend Map, then I clear the whole thing.

max out my LegendEx, get First place in PVP 1v1 & 2v2, get to top 10 in some of the Leader Boards, make Builds with affixes I don’t like that work great, and a few other goals that I can’t think of yet.


Wow, you have some big goals!

Number 1 in PvP could be quite the challenge, hopefully you go for it one day and get it!!

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Im curently 134th place i beleive.

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Well i have a few games over a few generas, but a main stay of alot of
them is that they are what i like to call a free roam or a build your own adventure sort of games. More or less while there are big villians createing their own chaos around the world and ledgendairy relics to be claimed, their is not a true preset predefined story line, as the players are alowed to roam the world and do as they please and forge their own path and story. If they want to pick up a job working as a black smith in a random town? So be it. If they want to get revenge on one of the main villians? So be it. Do they just want to screw around with magic and create random stuff just to see what they can create? Fine by me. And one of the best parts in my opinion is that one of the games i host, actualy has rather deep roots and has previous generations of players have played through the game and have left behind their own marks on it. It certainly has a nice air to it. But any how do you play dnd?

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As per my ideas for movment speed im thinking a high level of adventurer, mabey sprint combined with a lance of unstopable force, a maxed out sprint speed, epiphany to raise the stat cap of speed and just all the ms bonuses i can slap on. Any thing else i should consider?

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That sounds great I like the campaigns designed to last as long as you can play, not the preset ones they are so short.

I have played games before but not sure which editions, I like to watch them on YouTube though Koibu is a good DM

For movement speed, I think shieldwall could help, either self cast or use Phalanx talent

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Sheild wall? Why sheild wall? Dose that to give ms?

Yes I think shieldwall gives 40% and each skill point gives +1% extra for 80% in total

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and Momentum Set goes well with high move speed builds.


Thats the idea. Im realizeing this build is theoreticly insanely powerfull

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