How does exp work?

I have a general discussion question, it belongs to how experience per floor & character level works? I have 3 possibilities:

Is the experience A) fixed per floor (and of course different enemy types and rarenesa) [This is balanced by much bigger exp in later levels]

or B) are the diminishing returns vs weaker monsters? I know this from some games. If so what level difference should I max be vs lower level?

C) in addition to B) reduction vs higher level mobs. I don’t know this much… because a stronger mob should all ways give more exp, at least past beginner stage. But if so, what level difference max?

A is true, B is false

Thanks sir,

Another question:
The game seems to be very item leaded. Meaning the build is dictated by what items you have / find. (Have Legendary powerful sword? - use flurry and sword throw for instance)
-> Should I A) concentrate my heroics on a specific build , or
B) spread it out, or
C) put most stuff into Defensive and Fortune (the gokdfind/itemfind one) ? ( as beginner floor 45+/raising of course)

B and C reset heroics later (cost money). I’m doing C atm.

Another question:
Does Poison DoT stack? (Will I do more DoT damage when I have hit the target with my attack twice)? Thats the case in some games i played… in other: only from difference sources.
Same for fire, but same mechanics I guess.

Think block and dodge. If you avoid damage you get none at all :grinning:


experience from monsters stops going up at floor 100.

Experience Boost from Shop, Experience affix on items, Experience Boost from Yellow Shrine, Experience Boost from Difficulty Level, Experience Affix on a monster, monsters Tier Rank.

Pack Size Map Affix increases the number of monsters that spawn in a Pack, so more monsters to get experience from. Nadroji Bonus increases the chances of monsters spawning as Magic or Rare Tier. Magic, Rare, & Epic Monster Map Affixes increase the number of these Tier of monsters spawning. even more Experience! Hunter Perk/Ring spawns 1-3 Epic Shrine Guardians when the Shrine is activated. Accomplished Perk speed up the completion of your Feats, which means your Monster Spawn Feats come around more often. more experience again!!!

although I am not sure, it is possible that the faster you kill a monster, the better the experience you get.


Thankseu 2 questions arise from that:

Which Peak first? Hunter i Read is Good.

How to change map affixes? I tried the crystals , but maps are greyed out.

From all games I played I doubt about speed of killing, since that would be contradict to play higher difficulty

Hunter is bad since you can use the mythic. I don’t know which perk is good.

Larimar should work and angelite used to work

Crafting Maps: first, look in the Codex > Dictionary > Map. then read all of the affixes so you can have an idea of what there is. some of the affixes are more beneficial for Farm Builds than others. one of the affixes is Enemy Affix, which gives monsters extra affixes. most are bad for you, but there are 2 that are good for Farming. Experienced gives +100% Experience from that monster, and Gracious gives +200% Items Dropped from that monster.

Larimar & Diamond Crystals can be used to change affixes on Maps, but not Eternal Maps. Larimar randomly changes the affixes on a Map to other affixes, but not the number of affixes. Diamond randomly changes the values for all of the affixes at once, not one at a time.

Perks: for a player getting Perks for the first time, Accomplished, Fortunate, & Dealer are usually the first 3 Perks chosen, in the order of your choosing. Enshrined, Treasured, & Hunter are the last 3 usually chosen. I went with Accomplished, Fortunate, Enshrined, Dealer, Hunter, & Treasured.

you should first read the description of the Perks in the Codex and then consider what your Goals are while your are Ascending for Perks. my Goal was getting the most Experience possible, and better Loot second so I could improve my Ascending Build as I Ascended for the Perks. all my other Goals could be worked on after I got all of the Perks. get Perks in the order that helps you meet your Goals the best while you are getting them.

Speed Killing Monsters: this is not really a contradiction. at higher floors + higher difficulty, it gets increasingly harder to kill the monsters fast. that is why you don’t want to use Farming or Ascending Builds on higher floors. some players have mentioned that their Farm Build can go to floor 1500-2000 on M3 and smash monsters, and that’s ok. but you don’t really need your Farm Build to go much past floor 500 of any Difficulty for Farming, unless you want to use your Farm Build to get Items that are only found on floors up to 1000. and there is a noticeable difference in the loot you get from a monster you kill quickly versus a monster that takes awhile to kill.

the reason I mention floor 500 is because at floors 100, 200, 300, 400, & 500, the higher Tier Crystals & Myth Stones become a little easier to get, but at the cost of not getting the lower Tier CS & MS. no Calcite at floor 100+, no Angelite at floor 200+, no Quartz at floor 300+, no Diamond at floor 400+, and no Larimar at floor 500+.



Also remember your maps. Mythic 3 gets you the most experience but if it takes you 30 minutes to complete a map then you may as well do easier maps and gain fast experience which you can do quickly. :sunglasses:


well, if you are only going to level a Character to level 99 once and not get Perks, then slow experience isn’t a problem, but if you are going for Perks, then getting experience fast is a must.


I dont
Even know how to craft a mythic, nor did I find any recipes

the Recipes are found in the Codex, at least when they have been revealed.

in the early game, you don’t have many MS to use to get hints with. later, especially when you start finding Rare MS to use, or start Converting/Salvaging MS to get Ultra Rare MS, the number of hints you get speeds up.

it doesn’t matter which order you place the MS in the Sockets to make a Mythic, it only matters that you place the correct 4 MS into the Sockets.


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