How does Momentum work?

So, how does Momentum works?

I understand that you need to be moving to get the bonus from it but besides whrilwind, all other skills stops the toon to cast it so in theory they should not get the bonus from it or am I wrong?

It depends on your character move speed, this can be found in the stat page. Also some move speed boost won’t show up in the stat page (like Zealous, Zealotry, etc)

Maybe you used sprint that’s why the damage was boosted. I use it all the time with my warrior. ^^

Factor in your base movement speed too.

Say, you have 15% move speed on the stat page. +100% base move = 115% movement speed gets computed by momentum. Add some more from skills and stuff and you have an awesome set!

At the moment, momentum 5 gives 37.5% move as damage, so with the example above, more or less 43% damage boost.

Yes, Sprint will give bonus move speed, that’s why it boost your DMG.

So it doesn’t matter if you are moving or completely still at the time you use the skill? The only thing that matter is the +% Move Speed and others set/skills to boost the speed?