How I fix my account


either go to the support thread or send a message to @tdaniel and they will sort it out.

in Patch 3.0, the unload & download loophole exploit was fixed by the Developers by putting a three hour wait on downloads. as they mention in the Patch Notes for 3.0, it wasn’t the Developers intention to allow players to use this method in the game. a good Farm Build can get a player’s character all the loot you need to Craft any Builds.

this might also be a glitch/bug in the three hour download fix, but i think the three hour dl is more important than the bug (if there is one) if fixing the bug would break the three hour dl wait.

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It seems like there is an issue with your save game, it could be from using a version of our game not downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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Excuse me, how can I solve this problem.