How i get Ignore resist and what affixes i need re-roll(normal,epic or legends)

Hi, i want to knpw hpw can i get the affix ignore resist and what type of affix i need to re-roll for found the afixx

I believe you need Ruby crystals in order to add Ignore Resist since that is a legend affix (could also be Obsidians for crystalline affix)

not obsidians. just ruby for ignore resist.

Ruby “red affix”

Ruby is legend affix. But I have crystalline gear with ignore resist so figured obsidians would do it too.

Obsidians dont have ignore because its blue “powerfull crystal affix”

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Check the List of Affix document in Skaul’s Tips and Tricks post to see all the possible affixes and whether they are legendary or epic or crystalline.

Ignore Resist is a legendary affix which means it can only be rolled using a ruby. Using an obsidian will never roll Ignore Resist so don’t waste them!

Or you could farm a legendary item that comes with Ignore Resist by default and work from there.

you could only obtain it via the ruby crystal. obsidian does not roll ignore resist and if you don’t want to spend rubies you could go to floor 151 on at least epic difficulty and farm there for a robe/armor named wildhide which has ignore resist already so you could just edit the other affixes. i don’t know if this is accurate for 2.1(i only found this out through some other thread) but i got wildhide around floor 150+ back in 2.0 when i was still playing. if you’re using a rogue though, you’ll need to jasper it coz it’s only available for wizard and warrior but it still drops even if you’re using a rogue.

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You can use this to see of affixes are able to be rolled.