How is my arena AI?

Just saved updated AIs for arena 1v1 and 2v2. Would love some feedback if anyone comes across them. Things like how easily you beat my AI. How many rounds (or seconds) my AI was able to last and if you have any tips or suggestions on weaknesses.

Account name: Merk1
1v1 toon: Billy-Lee
2v2 toon: Jimmy-Lee


My build can kill yours in just 14 sec. Im using Hybrid Immortal.

I think it won’t help too much

Bekhor right? Was that with your war or rogue? Did my AI win any rounds or come close at all? Did my AI try to stay close to you with charging? I have my set with skulldraga atm but setting scalp for AI might be better.

When I use my Immortal Rogue we got 1 or 2 draws before I win but when I use my Warrior, I owned the Arena. Your AI fight well I think its just about the Affixes you have thats why you’re not too tanky.

Hey man. You know, I hate your AI! :joy: I tried all of my Character still I have hard time to kill you. Good Job man.

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None of your toons can kill luisfsk?

Hmm. I have a lot of armor, resist and use plague fauns and defiant to boost defense

Damage prevent seems ok to me. Not sure how to tweak AI to perform better. Your way is definatley hard to kill though.

LOL. I didn’t expect that. Having trouble with my immortal recover or deadly strikes? :joy: :joy: :joy:

I can kill him but I just having hard time. Skulldraga + Storm.

ALL of 'em. :grinning:

I would probably agree that @luisfsk is the AI that gives me the most trouble. I usually have to draw once or twice before killing. I take 8 draws vs full immortals but that’s just a matter of patience. Luisfsk’s AI likes to dance around making me focus on aiming.

I’d be interested in collaborating with @marwinberna and @luisfsk on either helping tweak our respective builds or creating a new AI for arena. A super hybrid immortal that is impossible to kill in less than 2 draws but can kill anyone in less than two draws sounds like a worthwhile project.

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I dont play 2 v 2 yet. I have some trouble about my Rogue Gears. Its not perfect. :weary:

Oh, yeah. It sure would be very interesting and challenging, but for while I’m off of arena until next patch.

I’d be happy to make the builds and do the testing. You would just need to do some arena to fight the AI and give feedback.

I just made a second copy of my gear set (except I have egnima to the 2nd player). I can beat all teams now with very few rounds lost. The only duo that I had any difficulty against was @Mr_Scooty. I learned to split his team’s damage to survive enough rounds to be able to break through his regen and now am 50/50 vs his team.