How is that legally possible?

Dear guys, as some of you might know, I make it to the top quite easily so don’t misunderstand this topic as being frustrated or something, I sincerely want to know what I’m missing.

Also don’t mind my HPs or me loosing, I was trying a new kind of build that went (very) wrong :yum: normally I beat this oponent quite easily :grinning: (and have 100k HP).

So here we go, take a look at these screenshots:

As you can see, that Wizard has:

  • 407.3k HP,
  • no eternal items,
  • a legend pet.

I was wondering how that’s possible… So my guess for maximum HPs for that configuration is (assumptions inclusive):

  • 300 base HP,
  • 19 level-ups with 50 HPs each,
  • all points in HP (19350),
  • 7x 2080 HP, so 10k HP on all available slots,
  • 6x Luck Nature (6*25%)
  • 2x crystal Luck (2*53%) -> 256% Luck
  • 4x crystal HP% (4*19% -> 1.76)
  • +2 sets
  • 1x Plagued/Vampiric/Battle Mage (1.75/1.375/1.6)
  • 4x Faun (60.125Luck)

So let’s calculate:

(300 + 1950 + 19350 + 72080)* 1.761.751.3751.6(60.1252.56 + 1) = 369.2k HP

So basically 38.1k HP is missing. So, is this legit or am I missing something in my calculation? With 3x Faun & 2x Plagued you get 375.7k HP instead, so slightly more.

Please enlighten me!!

Edit: Even maxing out HP and Luck to 80%/260% yields only 387.9k HP (3x Faun, 2x Plagued).

Dude did you also considered the Balance ruby affix on your calculations?

possible if he has 2 sets of battle mage and 2 sets of plagued or faun, also 25% hp on items or pet, next question is how much power does he have. that wouldve helped us determine what he has in his slots

Ok you edited your post :stuck_out_tongue:

656 Power. As I said 2x Plagued 3x Faun 1x Battle 1x Vampiric yields a maximum of 375.7k HP. 387.9k with 2x wasted additional slots for 4% Luck and 4% HP missing to caps.

Whats that toons IGN by the way? Pat, DDRAKE, or what :blush:

Balance doesn’t count into the HP cap?

Btw. you got a PM :wink:

Hahaha,that build, is noob,low def easy to kill even you have high hp

There are many ways to achieve that HP. Also, you did not even choose the most optimal set combinations.

Change to 2 Plague, 2 Vamp and 2 Faun’s + 1 Battlemage. With only 2 Crystal HP%, 2 Crystal Luck and 1 Epic HP%, you already have 403k HP with the same 7 flat HP affixes and health investment. And that is not using the Balance Affix while still leaving room for 2 more Crystal Affixes.

(300 + 1950 + 19350 + 72080)* 1.472.001.51.6(40.1252.56 + 1) = 300.2k HP

I don’t see it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If Balance indeed does not count into the HP cap of course I see how even higher HP values are possible… Can you confirm that?

This would then explain my astonishment :wink:

I just yanked your first part for base HP because I’m about to go to sleep and am too tired to do that myself currently but (300 + 1950 + 19350 + 72080) * 2 * 2 * 2.28 * 1.47 * 1.6 = 400262~HP your problem is vamp is 1.25 per set rank not 1.125 :slight_smile:

(Not completely 100% sure on that since codex and description are buggered then but I do remember it being said in the testing group that it’s 1.25 if not I got no clue what math clogon is doing :stuck_out_tongue: but his math is generally the toppest of notch so I’m betting on 1.25)

Thank you Sir!!

You and Clogon are definitely correct, it gives 25%… Just made a test :wink: so once again fooled by Dictionary :grinning:

Thread can be closed then!

Thanks for the note on the Dictionary. Vampiric Touch gives 25% HP and 12.5% Bleed. They used to be the same values. So something messed up somewhere. lol

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