How many ETERNAL PET do you have!?


28k dust :heart_eyes:


It is very easy sir to farm dust if you are not lazy to collect 4 slot socket items and make mythic to convert dust.few weeks ago i stop farming.


How did you do it guys???!!! Hmmmm im dying here


Ang unsa bai?hehehe


Pag kuha sa daghang eternal pet ba huhuhhh
Makasuya kaau leche xD




Paningkamota na hahaha :joy:


Wow really? 0? I think you were one of the strong pvp players her lmao… I guess you’re just good xD


Padaghanon guro nakog eternalized sa? Abot 7 ang set?


7 eternalize not working bai hehehe i did when i bought 6hours boast. Palit og boast hehehhe.ka inot nimo oi


pero bitaw naka palit naman kog boost 1hr ra noon hahaha to see if worth it siya. Mo palit ra nya kog daghang boost unya hahahah naka kuha baya ko atog legend na vamparic touch.


2hours boost with (8) Eternalized


Saw the most #ownage eternal Fauns for a rogue in PvP :sob: lost the screen grab. Been anticipating another matchup. It was truly, almost unbelievable. Luck, resists, flat HP, HP % and MH and OH rogue skill. :dizzy_face: I nearly quit even. :joy:


I have 5 eternal pet but I haven’t got one for a long while and I didn’t get mythic enslaver yet lol.


Daming pilipino XD, pero anung filipino language ginagamit nio? Tagalog lng alam ko(so many pilipinos XD, what filipino language are you guys using? Mine is tagalog only)


Seriously? Well i guess u show us that u dont need to climb the top3 seats with eternal pet, so i think u dont always need to get those eternal to be a good no a pro like you XD.


True. That’s why I don’t care too much about eternal pet. Especially with the legend pet crafting but also because you can’t always guarantee a good eternal pet. I only have 1 good eternal pet for PvP and maybe 2 good for PvE .


Visayan dialect


I got my #5 pet not so perfect but fine for my warrior build with berserker, Toss build


MGa bisaya man diay mong dagku… hahaha parehas ra ta… ako 3 eternal pet ra gyud… mga pangit pagyud…