How many ETERNAL PET do you have!?

Well mine is 8 as of now (kind of proud XD) but i think there’s someone out there that has more than eternal pet than mine T-T

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I have about 15-20 I’m not sure :sweat_smile:

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None :joy:

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Hhmm. Eternal pet drop is by luck ayt?

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Just 5 lol.

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Total of 2. SERA and INFERNO but I forgot to save my Account so I lost SERA :joy: so I only have one now.

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Seriously just 2 Eternal pets ? I thought you played more than 1 year

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Either he’s unlucky or he doesn’t play as much as some people. Who knows…

Ohh that’s why. I have played DQ for 7 months but i only got a few eternal pets only hahaha :joy: But it’s still pretty worth it than before.

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Plague (Stitch)has new look…


Well, that stitch reminds me how was i fooled by the shop, cause i thought the shop sells pet but it was a skin! T_T (i want my demonic skin look back).

I have 1 sera and 1 heaven and I’m proud of them.

I’ve been playing for about a year and a half, and have only received one eternal pet… Tink :sob:

I have too many to count. Let’s just leave it at that?.

Seriously just 1 pet only ? And btw you have so many dusts there.

Yep, just one eternal pet…
I think the RNG Gods are mad at me… :rage:

Also yep… I have a ton of dust…
I’ve been farming map 200 with full farming stats since DQ 3.0 was released… tons of legend, crystal, and eternal item drops to salvage…

Also been playing map 402 when I get a Spawn Boost…
Trying to get more eternal pets… :ghost:

Curse you!!! Hahaha i only have 1 dammit

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I got 4 as of now for almost 6months playing Dq

I think i saw someone that has over 30 eternal legends, i almost drool! :scream::scream::scream:

I have Eternal Pets about 21 of them yet many Slimes.