How much armor and resist needed to get %100 damage reduction to be immortal in pve

i saw phreaks immortal headache post and opened up a new char

but when i see the damage reduction i was shocked

at level 1 i had 1000 armor and 400 resist but my reduction qwas %84.9

so does it scale with levels?

if we go higher floors does the effectiveness of armor and resist reduces as well?

or when we are level 99 (max) do we need a certain amount of armor and resist?

and how can we get it?

i would be greatful to you if you answer these questions…

and last one

does really 146.000 armor and 3000 all resist is enough to survive in very very high floors? will it give you immunity?

It scales with floor level and even with 100% damage reduction I found I still died occasionally


thats a plagued, CV, bm, defiant, satayrs spirit, and fauns gift build.

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the computation for damage reduction depends on the enemy level. you can check the codex>Dictionary>Formulas>ARMOR or RESIST

So even if you have %100 damage redcution you still die?

this does not make sense

If we invest in armor and resist we shouldnt die to pve mobs

this is really bugging me :((

at floors 1000++ you should invest on damage instead of increasing your defense. dodge and block is a better option now

Still… is there no way you can farm at floor 10000 with full %100 damage redcution?

this really makes me sad dude

i thought there was an alternative way to survive in pve

it really makes me sad to see this

it’s not 100%, just a rounded value is shown

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So there is no way that we survive with this number you say.

ok… my money is on block and dodge ftw…

thank you all

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I didn’t say that

100% block build is fun, I’ve done a 75% block and 75% dodge building before but it died… A lot. Either 100% block or high damage to kill before anything attacks you works best in my experience


Thank you for the replies dudes. One more mystery solved. I am glad i know this now

100% block or 100% dodge build with hight dmg. Seach on 4rum, ytb,…

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What are you going to find at 10000 which you cannot find at 1000 plus ?

isn’t it obvious? if he is at floor 10k, and you are at floor 1k. :wink: PVP is fun, but seeing how high I can climb can be fun too. got to do something with all the loot I get from farming, may as well use some of it to climb to floor 100K+ if I can! :sunglasses:

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At which floor can you drop every item in the codex ?

floor 1,000 is the top floor for any items that have floor restrictions. after that it is just you and the monsters. sure, floor 1,000 is about as far as I want to go with my Farm Build, but after that, I just want to see if my imagination and crafting ability can get me to floor 2k, 5k, 10k, maybe 100k? when you look at the Leader Boards for highest floor, and read the posts about them, it doesn’t seem possible. but when you look a little lower in the Leader Boards, I start to see names I recognize, and wonder if I can get that high, or even higher. for PVP, I don’t know how high I can go until I try, and the same is true for PVE. how high can I go? what kind of crafting do I need to do to get there? not everything in PVE and PVP can be used in the other, but some things can. so in the end, climbing both will help me do better in the other.

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Floor climbing is the easy part once you have a build. 90-100% block, crushing flames, frozen and u can go to however high a floor you want so long as you have the free time for it. A lot of the high scores are obviously modded but 2-3k just takes a good bit of time. Mad respect to the people who actually climbed over 5k because it does take a very long time but all in all, each floor can be done in a few seconds.


well, I just passed 870 with my farm build in M3. I don’t rush the floors, but don’t die so much that my gold goes away. I have a feeling that when I get to floor 1k, that is when I will get serious about a climbing build. my only defense is Dodge 60%, 20-40-20 in Strength-Dexterity-Intelligence, some defense from Sets and Mythics, and using my poor thumbs to get out of the way of trouble in case of getting 1 shotted. oh, and Teleport. umm, does killing the monster before they kill me count as defense? :smile:

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Lol yes, my rogue or wizard hirerling requires that or else it gets one shot :frowning: my warrior doesn’t care lol. Sometimes the best defence is a good offense.

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