How much luck do i need?!

How much luck do I need to start getting a lot of legend drops? My current luck is at 250% normally on LV 6 difficulty.

Your thread is in the “guide” section. Wrong section so far.

Also, it just depend of your own luck, so you can start looting some legends with 100% and don’t find any with 600%

Just try to get the max you can. (400% becomes to be nice)

How many legends does one usually find with 400% per 10 floors? Does it matter which floor you are on? I play on floor 195 and just replay over and over. The boss yields very few good equips imho. Please guide me.

RNG is a pain sometimes. I am on Enemy pwr 5 and have 400% luck and 44% increased quantity. I get a leg around ever 15-20 epics. But I sometimes get 2 epics within 10 rares.

I am fairly new to Dungeon Quest but am absolutely loving it.

I was wondering, however - if a summoned minion kills an enemy without me having hit it once, does my LUCK % get factored into the potential items dropped from that enemy?

Thank you for your input!


yooooohaha,luck is not everything you need,i usually stay at 100floor with enemy power lv8 now i have 81 lengeds of 138