How PVP Mode..?

I can battle pvp

Yes you can but you need to be logged into your account and then click arena the button under campaign. But if you just started the game recently then go through the campaign and level up some get some gear look on the forums for a PvP build or just go at it without a guideline and let loose but as I said if your a new player don’t go straight to PvP because people in pvp have builds to make their characters stronger to face other people do a little research before jumping into the bloodbath @Mr_Scooty has good build ideas so go and look at some of his posts and see if their are any builds you like and would try to use and remember that in the arena strategy is key


When you pvp the other players is offline. You are playing the artificiall intelligence behaviour settings and the items on the build. Likewise , when you are fought offline. So play around with your A.I settings on main page in pvp. Set your settings. Test them in practice matches. If crap then change them.

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yea but even though their are AI they can be very hard to kill it all depends on who that person created the character, and yes as @dickwad said change your AI settings aswell so that you dont get 0-3 when offline

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