How storm benefit from attack speed?

the problem with Gauntlet is that Blast is like Warrior Sword with Flurry and Rogue Dagger with Quick Attack; you need to get up close and personal.

because Blast kind of sucks in many ways, I used Staff with Storm (second most damage Wizard Weapon, and Comet is a ranged Skill). if you use Gauntlet with Storm, use Ice Element with Frostbiting. while the enemy is getting hammered by Storm for 5 seconds, you can use Blast on those same enemies for even more DMG. use Fester Talent to increase the duration of Freeze, so the enemies take Frostbiting DMG for a longer period of time, which is good against those pesky Epic+ monsters.


Storm is good and it freezes your opponent regardless of element. Noticed it tonight in arena using a shock character. What would you call a it … A shocking freeze ? :thinking: Anyways storm has nice pushback qualities too which I love against tank warriors.

@dickwad storm MH secondary skill “cast” causes Elemental critical, which can be countered by Flawless trophy. You also use “elements” set affix on your pet which will cast shock/stun, ice/freeze, fire/bleed DoT/fire DoT, arcane/orbit, and poison/poison DoT. You will also cast other elements with ascendant set or wizard prismatic talent.


woah dude what is your build ?

sorry for late, I am so confused by element critical. for the legend affix, it give 50% max with ep set, but in the skill page, it can be higher than50%, even 100% , what happened?

on the Stat Page where Caps are listed, Elemental Crit Chance is 40%. in other posts, it was said this refers to Wizard Talent Wizardry, which gives +1% per Rank Elemental Crit, which maxes out at Wizardry 40 for +40% Elemental Crit. with Epic Orbit, Paralyze, Freeze, Immolate, & Toxic, and Legend Elemental Crit, you can go over that 40% chance, with or without using Wizardry. Coat is a Rogue Skill that can give Elemental Crits over +40%, and Wizard Storm has bonus Elemental Crit.

after about 5 or 6 Elemental Crits, monsters can’t be Elemental Crit anymore, if they are still alive. so if your low DMG/DPS doesn’t kill the monster before Elemental Crit stops, it might take some time to kill the monsters. if you can kill monsters fast while your Elemental Crits are still happening, then you are good. the trick is to find out how much Elemental Crit you need to kill monsters without running out of Elemental Crit Chances.

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emm…that is not I what to say, see these pictures

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"after about 5 or 6 Elemental Crits, monsters can’t be Elemental Crit anymore, " this is a really bad new. I know why I have79.5% element critical with 20% element critical storm but still cannot freeze orange monsters twice now…

the Elemental Critical on the All Stats Page has a Cap of 40%. so with 50%, you are only getting 40%. from what I can see with what you have shown, it looks like Legend Elemental Crit is part of the Cap with Wizardry.

on the Offense Stat Page, a Spell/Skill can only be one Element. each Element has it’s own Elemental Critical. your Blast is Arcane Element which has Orbit Elemental Crit. the specific Elemental Crits don’t seem to have a Cap on the Offense Stat Page.

as for not being able to Freeze Epic Monsters, not sure what is going on there. it could be they have a monster affix that reduces the effectiveness of Elemental Effects, like Greatly Resist or Immune to Ice or whichever Element you are using. I think, but am not sure, that Epic, Legend, and Mythic Monsters are naturally more resistant to Elemental Effects, just to make them more challenging to defeat. at least that is what I think.

one way to fix part of the problem is to use Demonic Set, Execute affix, or Electrocution Set with Shock. when your Elemental Crits get the enemies HP down to 25% or less before they stop working, they start taking more DMG from the rest of your attacks, which can make up for the loss of Elemental Crits, until you change your Build to work better with Elemental Crits. at higher Floors, having the Elemental Crits kill or lower HP enough can be a challenge. especially when you are fighting Legend & Mythic Monsters.

Can you teach me your build please?