How to craft mythstone earthquake please

Need guide and procedures thanks I’m newbies

Endow death rebirth time socketed to your mainhand weapon.


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I don’t have time stone and I reach floor 200 just now dunno where to go

Buy a map on floor 200 and keep grinding up. The stones drop one more rarity per 100 floors. Floor 500 is the top floor for stone/crystal rarity so once you get to 500 you should see time & other rare stones dropping with some frequency.

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oh so sad im at floors 300 - 330… anyone here can post some mythics requirements? i have no idea about the hint… please? im new player

This page has every mythic recipe listed and with pictures :smile:

thanks a lot sir griffin its helps a lot for me

Glad I could help out! :smile:

yeah…but ive lost millions in a floor 350+ and ive seen so many gems in youtube . how can i get 99999 pcs of any gems and crystal? wew

Most high level gems are very rare and there are only very few people in the world with a legitimate large stockpile of them usually if you see a large number of ultra rare crystals and mythstones on youtube the person in question is cheating unfortunately as for the gold loss though if you start dying a bunch on any given floor you should go to the shop and buy a map of the same floor and open it so that you can reset your number of deaths and save money over all :smile: