How to customize summons attacks


Summoned creatures will take incorporate certain caster equipment affixes into their attacks. I’ve just noticed this so play around with it. Extra weapon damage seems to increase minion damage. Elemental attacks apply. Explosive applies. Found this out by only casting summons in test dummy mode and watching what happens. Have fun testing


Here’s a demo


That sounds about right as I remembered observing an effect like this too and someone elses build revolving around the idea to deal loads of damage with summons but good to bring this up as I didn’t really think of it as customising.


@CuzegSpiked here is a test video off summons on a rogue with a crystalline deadly strike affix :blush:


I raised my eyebrows when I saw this


Hey @Golem check these videos out :joy:


nice, lots of crits and Deadly Strikes. I have a feeling you are going to open up a whole new meta of Summon Builds in PVP.


Pity procs don’t work with summons… I think lol


I think when you summon the minions, that should proc a spell, but the summon Talent wont proc a spell while summoning the minion, as that is considered a proc, I think. so when you summon your minions, then cast the spell again to speed them up or heal them, that would cause a proc, I would think, as that is considered casting a spell.


Ive got my deadly sins warrior to test. See you in a moment


Doesn’t work. Wishful thinking. Additional damage, critical and elements work. Still good :smiling_imp:


I don’t mean when the minions attack, I mean when you cast the spells yourself. when you hit the minion spell to increase your minion attack and movement speed, or Commands Taunt/Heal Minion spell, that should give a proc chance. is that what you tested?


Ahhhhh no not tested


well, I am leveling a Pet up to level 100 for my PVP Wizard to use, and somehow I ended up converting that Wizard into a Summoner - Twister Hybrid. this Wizard is a Hireling, which is good, because I really don’t like using Summon Builds. but I think having a Hireling with a Summon Build is fun, since the A.I. does a better job than I do with Minions. @dickwad, I am going to try some of your Summon ideas for PVE Hireling and for half of a 2v2 PVP team. when I get the chance, as I need Crystals again, and I weakened my Farm Build temporarily as I level up that Pet.


Summons are funny @Golem. Treat them as mirrorimages (distraction only) to accompany the character. You could go all summoner hireling which I would not recommend or have apocalypse as a throwaway myth proc :wink:


I think a Summon Hireling would need another Skill to be of use, whether in PVE or PVP. the one I am using now is using the Summon Talent, with Command on a Skull and Twister on a Staff. yesterday I put 40 Points on Skullshield for the first time ever. usually I was just putting 20 to 30 points on it. at first I thought my Hireling had a bug that made Comet into Blast, but then I realized it was just Skullshield with +100% Hit Frequency. my head started filling up with Skullshield Build ideas, and it was kind of fun watching my weak Hireling melt the monsters HP away. I put the Hireling in the Arena, and the Summoned Spirits were fun to watch as they helped me get close to some campers. oh wow, an idea! Skullshield 40 with a couple of Frostbiting for damage boost!


Skullshield and frostbiting works for me. A nice storm proc is very complimentary.


Skullshield is a very evasive attack so you want you enemy’s out your way. The storm skill gives an opponent knockback but takes a time to recast. However, if you also have storm as a random proc then your opponent is virtually always knocked back :slight_smile: