How to delete cloud saves?

I want to say first off, holy crap what an amazing game!!!

Okay to my problem, i currently play on my Nexus player on my tv with a controller (Awesome!) but i recently downloaded the game onto my tablet, i created a new guy and logged into my account and i uploaded my save data, thinking it would be only for my tablet. On my nexus player i have a level 25 warrior and now a level 20 mage after purchasing the extra character slot.

My questions are a) how to delete my cloud save so I can upload my further progressed game onto the server, and b) or at very least start from scratch if thats what i must do, but keep my IAP of the extra character slot?

Thanks in advanced, love the game! if oly there was split screen co-op i would not stop playing this game.

@goonnoodles Try playing your level 25 save on your nexus for a while, so that it’ll be the more “updated” save, that way you can upload it to your cloud and then download it on your tablet.

Alrighty ill give that a try, so your thinking of it becomes a more recent save it will allow me to overwrite the cloud one?

It will. I think the one you can upload is the “latest” one in terms of play “date”/“time”. Basically just don’t touch your tablet for a while, play your nexus for a bit, upload it, then download it on your tablet.

I’ve been doing this for a while whenever I use a high rarity Crystal (In case I dont get the affix I want). Since I have 2 phones, I have the same saves on both phones. I use the crystal, if I get what I want, I upload it. If I dont, I close the app on the 1st phone, play the 2nd phone a bit, upload it, and I’m sure you get what I mean.

In this case ( if i understand properly ), you may need to contact us at support and provide us your DQ Account email. Each upload to the server increases the cloud save’s version number by one, and each download updates your client to the same version that’s on the server. So if you started fresh but didn’t download first, you’ll always be a lower version until you download over it ( which seems like it would reset your progress in the case ).

What we can do is make sure your version is low enough that you can upload over what is existing now.

Alright thats fine with me, how do i get in contact with support? i would be fine with my cloud save just being deleted, so i can then upload my best game.

Ooohh Thats a good idea… Ill definitely give that a shot and let you know if that works, Thanks a lot =)

Email us at :smile:

No problem bro, anytime.

I’ve emailed support, and they said there is something strange with their cloud saves, so they basically overwrote mine and i downloaded a new one with basically my guys on it. SWEET! you guys are the best!

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Isn’t this an abuse? Why would we have choices of an affix if we were to just reuse our old save to retry getting a specific affix.