How to drop Eternal Legend with Obsidian Affix


well, now that I think about it, isn’t the ring called the Nadroji Crystal? I know how you feel, I have some items unlocked on other classes, but not for Wizard, but now I think I just need the Floor 800+ items for Wizard to complete that part of the Legendex. then I can start working on the Rogue Legends, and then the Warrior Legends after that.


For example @Golem the wizards etenal disaster caprice is the only one that spawns with a socket. So I have to jasper it for other classes. Time to reread your codex carefully pal :wink: worth a master stone anytime


well, I started noticing that about items that all classes have, but there are a few differences between the different versions from different classes. drives me nuts that I have to look around. the one I know I have to be careful for is Defiant/Ragnarok, since some have 100% Elemental Damage and some have 200% Weapon Damage. prefer WD% on Weapons, since I can find the ED% on non weapon items.


Another example. Say you want a permafrost legend lweapon. Your own class may produce a totally different weapon type than another classes converted. Best thing to do is think what set item bonus you want on an item. Then jasper variations from the two other classes. Then decide which is best. A permafrost glove becomes a bow etc


yes, I Jaspered whatever it was into a Defiant Staff with 200% WD from Rogue Chakram I think. can’t remember, it has been awhile.


Any staff converts to a chakram or a blade. Talents and skills get class conversion. Everything stays the same including procs from other classes. Set affixes from other classes stay the same


so many problems with my Skill and Talents changing around when I was Jaspering Wizard OH to Warrior to get Momentum and then Jasper it back again. more Crystals getting things back to where I needed them. another time it was a Necklace from Wizard to Warrior and back for Momentum. frustrating, but it kind of makes sense, or the Dev’s would be pulling out their hair to code it to be easier. but it makes us players pay attention or suffer the consequences in a battle.


All our joint deadly sins build was just jaspering a warrior set into all classes and seeing the availabe equipment


Just practice jaspering weapons.


As for elemental damage. You can reroll all legend, christaline, epic or normal affix with a cheap old diamond



Happy Farming… :slight_smile:


My most tressured eternal loot​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Indeed. Also yep a great guide. Even though I knew this for a long time, its great that this is shared to encourage players :smile: . Very well said @Mr_Scooty .

Also I was doing a collect all eternals, crystal legends, legends and eternals + crystal affix challenge. So far I haven’t completed but I could given the effort. Many many eternals with crystal affixes I find quite often. There is one Eternal that does catch my eye though. The Eternal Rage Athena’s guard with the two random epic affixes meaning so many variations of crystal Athena’s guard, eternal legends with crystal affixes also and just eternals.

That Athena’s guard I somehow overlooked quite easily but once I paid attention to it again, I realised just how many varients could pop up in crystal legend form let alone eternal form or eternal legends with crystal affixes or E-Crystal legends. I thank @Teacup for bringing this to light to me as I somehow overlooked it easily.

Oh and I was inspired by @centrabpm also when he tried to collect all the eternals in patch 2.0 but that one eternal ragnarok chakram being a pain to get. Good thing eternal legendex finally exists which kind of makes challenge a little easier but I don’t intend to use dust to increase the challenge, and because its a bit expensive. I can speed it up but I like the “eternal” challenge. Its the running joke. I do have a huge list of screenshot eternals before eternal legendex existed though and a fair amount of crystal legends and eternals with crystal affixes but it’s a lot to look through and check how much progress I made but it is cool.

Its also a good way to see just how DQ changed a bit as I even had an eternal nadroji robe with no bonus one time before ascensions added. Since it pissed me off how things can become legacy so fast and quickly, I decided to really farm hard and collect as much as possible.

Eternal pet and getting every single one of them is also pretty tricky but not impossible.


Ooohhh eternal athenas guard. . Never noticed it before… random affixes :grinning:


Right I’m off to revisit my codex


Fun one that dropped.



I got this from my codex today. May jasper it for my wizard as a swap for equality alchemy ring. I’m sure zealotry would be good for skullshield damage @Mr_Scooty


Awesome! Quite possibly one of the best eternals due to the random affixes alone and the potential uses for a build. Great drop though :smile: .