How to drop Eternal Legend with Obsidian Affix


I have noticed some players have requested an understanding of how to drop a Crystal Eternal Legend gear.

First, make sure you have plenty of dust since you will be using a lot for this Ultra Rare Eternal Legend. Eternal Wizard Divination costs 125 dust for each drop. See below.

Second, ensure you review your PvE adventure stats and ensure you have Crystal Legend Find Rate of at least 550%. One of your main characters sets needs to be Crystalline. You gain 250% Crystal Legend Find rate at Crystalline rank 5 and the remainder comes from Treasured Ascension (300% increased chance for ultra rare crystals).

Third, ENSURE the gear you are trying to drop with Obsidian affix has an Epic or Legend affix that falls into the Obsidian list of (below) .

List of Obsidian Affixes
Attack Speed
Reduced Cost
Reduced CD
Crit Chance
Crit DMG
MP Regen
HP Regen
Gold Find
All Resist
Total HP (HP %)
Total MP (MP %)
HP On Hit
MP On Hit
Crushing Blow
Deadly Strike

Information below for examples of gears I have posted showing how to drop Obsidian affix on legend gear. Warrior Pandora shield example below. This shield has 4 affixes that have the possibility to become crystal/obsidian on drop (Armor, All Resist, Block and Dodge).

Warrior Legend Pandora

Warrior Pandora All Resist Drop

Warrior Pandora Block Drop

Warrior Pandora Dodge Drop

Warrior Pandora Armor Drop

Fourth, go to Mythic 3 Floor between floors 500-1000 or as high as you have climbed and begin to use dust in the eternal section of the codex. You want at least floor 500 since all Eternal Legends will drop at iLvl 100 on floor 500+. Use dust to drop many Eternal Legends at one time, then identify all new Eternal Legend Drops in each bag. Try to use dust to drop at least 15 at a time, at a minimum. This can become very expensive so be aware… I have spent many thousands of dust to obtain just one of the Crystal Eternal Legends in my PvP gears.

Last, use the in-game button “ID ALL” after you have dropped the Eternal Legends. Do not try to ID one at a time…

ID All Eternal Legends

Eternal Legend Codex Example

Now just rinse and repeat. This can make your PvE work more fun when you begin to start salvaging a lot of those legend gears. Good luck​:four_leaf_clover:!! :recycle:

Please share your best Crystal Eternal Legend Drops.


Well said😁


I do this all the time. Great guide @Mr_Scooty. And remember folks that every time you turn dust into an unwanted eternal then convert it to a random ultra rare chrystal. But it is expensive unless you are gold find jedi :wink:@obiwankenobi


Legend affixes on eternals get overlooked as unimportant because people focus on the jucy stats but when you imagine what a chrystal version of a stat looks like you think wow!


Thank you for all the vital info, Mr_Scooty :heart_eyes:!


They’re all in my stash. :slight_smile:








dont know if i use these stuff or convert them to crystals. :slight_smile:


@kiane_zaine those are awesome!! Thank you for sharing. The Manashield could be awesome in a poison build with the plagued amulet in PvE. That amount of Blight (375%) would be amazing. Plus the Plagued and Druid factors ticking for 8 seconds. It would rock with a Zeus sword / Reactor set.


I like the chopper. If the bleed chance was christaline then happy days


Run… Go… Get to the Choppa


Nadroji with christaline shock I had once. Think it was shock. Turned it into a chrystal :open_mouth:


no, I don’t think Elemental Damage can be Crystal affix. Normal, Epic, or Legend, right?


Wizards nadroji ring has a normal epic shock affix. Just checked codex to refresh memory. Other classes nadroji rings don’t. That’s why I like jasper conversation :slight_smile:( ignore post lol apart from jasper bit lol )


I stand corrected. Only eternal ring I’ve unlocked is rogues. That does have shock as an epic. Only bloody eternal nadroji I’ve ever found :cry: