How to find Cartographer

Hello. Started playing this fun game about a week ago. Really love it. However, when I find a map and open it - a message comes on that states to kill the cartographer. I go through the map and kill all the bad guys - but no cartographer. How do you find him/her ? The only way i get out now is just to pick a floor and go there. Thanks

Just buy your first map from merchant on floor 20 or higher, and each subsequent floor will contain a green dot where the next cartographer will be found

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Shit happens…I mean you won’t encounter a cartographer to a certain map…When that happens, I suggest 2 options: you need to buy new map then open it and go to the green dot and the other is to select another floor map wherein you can hunt a cartographer to kill and get the map…

It’s a bug I do believe.