How to get +2 all affix thingy

So I’ve been.looking and I can’t find.out how to.get it. I see others showing off builds with it purple in gear. Please explain.

The elixer mythstone which is the highest tier of mythstone when placed on a ring or necklace will give you +2 sets there is also a legendary version that spawns on the frightening choker and the nadroji necklace/ring :smile:

Thank you.

:+1: :smile:

May i ask if there is a list of affixes and set affixes that cant be obtained through ruby and amethyst?? It seems i cant see push the limit, barbarian, epiphany and masochst.

There exist a list of the reverse of this. It’s a list of the affixes that CANNOT be rolled with a Ruby or Amethyst, but it’ll give you what you want as you can look to see if the affix you’re trying to obtain is on this list.

It’s the same thing bro! :sunglasses: Thanks for the link btw. Now i can keep those legends with special affixes.

Haha yea my bad. For some reason I was reading too fast and read it as you were looking for a list of affixes that CAN be rolled hehe. Anyways good luck and happy gaming!