How to get 3000MP Regen

Hello im newbie here, i Just wanna ask how to Get 3000MP Regen using obsidian because i always get max at 1500MP Regen
Thanks Before
Sorry for bad English

1500 is the highest possible stat from obsidian, u can mix it up with legend affix tho

Crystal MP Regen is maxed at 1500…eternal items also don’t double the value of crystal affixes…so it’s either get another crystal MP Regen or just get an MP regen increase from set affixes to save one crystal affix slot…

The max value of regen affixes was decreased while the actual regeneration rate was increased recently 1500 is what 3000 regen used to be :slight_smile: :+1:

I think you saw that 3000mp regen on Poison mayhem build didnt you ?


Hahahaha damn right.