How to get 5 set items showing when theyre all different items types

So I’ve seen a ton of people post up builds that incorporate different types of items like defiant, aftermath etc but it shows (5) next to them all even though they are different sets. I can’t even get it to show 5 when I have 5 of the same type.

Is there something I’m missing? (I’m sure I am)

Thanks for the help

+2 set is the key :slight_smile:

Plus 2 set? Mind explaining that like I’m a 5 year old? Lol

best way get plus two set is find this item plus ring :slight_smile:

And you find this items killing epic plus mobs from floor 100 plus

Sweet thanks for answering!
For some reason I was under the impression that the ring only came from challenge maps floor 500 and above. Not sure I can get that high lol.

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Ur welcome happy to help were I can :). Na iv had lot drop from 100 plus a good thing to make is a hunter ring it will spawn more epic mobs on shrins fogot how make it will look when home. And when you use ring just pop it on befour you use shiren then swap back to main ring that’s what I do :stuck_out_tongue:

What ur need to do is have any ring with 4 slots you can farm low lvls to get them or use crystal to add a socket then you use theys ms in order

hope this helps you on ur way to geting them plus 2set items :slight_smile:

u can also get +2 all set from elixir mythstone

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Ah… I’ve almost got the last two mythstones so cool.

@soapcrates ders a technique in earninh high rank mythstones.

convert/salvage all ur low rank mythstone until u achieve the feat “use mythstone 500 times” u will be rewarded by a high rank mythstone

if ur lucky some elixirs and zenith also just drop from mobs