How to get a eternal crystal divination?


the best course of action is to get the eternal divination in to your codex firts then craft eternal divination until you get the crystallized form.

either you craft or you hunt, if hunt it may took a lot of time finding it while in crafting it’ll surely cost a lot of dust and when i mean a lot, it really means a lot😂

Yeah,crystal divination is a black hole,2.5k dust to unlock,usually 3k to get a crystal one.For a good crystal one ? Oh ,nooooooooo :scream:

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25-50k dust is my tip

im on target then… nice nice. :slight_smile:

don’t forget to bring a lot of patience too!

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lol. yea no doubt. think i got that covered too.

@ObiWanKenobi patience is on high level, never diminished.

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Unlock all classes eternal divisions then jasper them :smiling_imp:

And while your at it. Jasper eternal sublimations.

you need lots of dust. about 20k of dust. just to have Eternal Divination (Crystal). lol

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