How to get chrismas vanity

Hi, I’m wisnu, my nickname is wisnu, I want to ask how to get my vanity crishmast when I got it. But I forgot to save my account

you could PM @tdaniel , who is a Developer, and he could check your account and fix things. if you have played more DQ and saved over your old data, not sure if you can get your Christmas Vanities back. in that case, you would have to wait until next Christmas.

welcome to DQ @Wishnu !

So what happenes when christmas comes? Do we just get free items or do they apear for purchace in the shop?

I can’t remember, but I think they just showed up in my Vanity Tab, or maybe there was a notice when I opened the game while connected to Wi-Fi. same for the Halloween Vanities. and yes, they’re free.

Ok well thats swell, i plan to colect every thing the game has to offer.